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The Black Dog Story

The Black Dog Coffee Company was born out of a decade's long journey in search of the ultimate cup of coffee. Our efforts led to an astonishing discovery. The secret to great coffee isn't in a big brand name, fancy labels or the word "gourmet". The secret is in the bean! It turns out that most of the coffee beans we found on grocery store shelves and even in many well known coffee shops were inferior grade, over-roasted beans that had gone stale long before they even reached the shelves.

Learning this, we began to procure only the best lots of Specialty Grade green coffees from around the world and roasted small batches with fanatic care in our own home. The difference was phenomenal! We discovered flavors and nuances we didn't even know coffee could have. We realized how much impact degree of roast and freshness have on our favorite beverage and were excited to savor the variety of essence that different single origin coffees bring to our table.

Friends and neighbors urged us to share this experience with the world so today we are proud to offer you our micro-roasted Black Dog Coffee with all the care in bean selection and roasting that we use in our own home. We hope you enjoy the experience!

Visit Our New Retail Store!

Come see us at our new location at 8001 Charles Town Rd, Shenandoah Junction WV! Here you can see coffee being roasted on the amazing and historic Plutonius, a vintage 1931 Jabez Burns & Sons machine and one of the oldest operating roasters in the country.

Enjoy a cappuccino or latte while browsing our selection of locally sourced goods ranging from fine foods, teas, baked goods and candies to honeys, sauces, healthful products, soaps, crafts and jewelry. We currently have over 60 small local businesses represented in our store and are adding more all the time. You are sure to enjoy the experience!

Store hours are 6am to 7pm M-F and 8am to 5pm on Saturdays.

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Ethiopian Harrar
Ethiopian Harrar

Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, produces some of the finest coffee in the world. Complex and intensly flavorful, Harrar is an unwashed, dry processed coffee with an incredibly smooth body, powerful undercurrents of wild fruit, blueberry and chocolate followed by a crisp, clean finish.

Price is per 1/2 lb. bag of coffee

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Fresh Roasted Coffee
All prices are per 1/2 pound. We package our beans fresh out of the roaster in sealed, multilayer 1/2lb bags. A patented one-way valve allows the natural off-gassing of the beans to escape without allowing damaging oxygen back in, keeping your coffee fresher, longer. Be sure to check back often. Coffee is a crop, so our offerings will change as exciting new coffees become available.

Brewing Equipment
Tools to help you get the most from your coffee.

Mugs and Stuff